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Sumners Graphics started back in 1986 - a prepress division within an well-established printing company. We grew fast and built up a large steady client base, riding out all the changes and industry upheavals from the onslaught of digital technologies. Our biggest client base was from every corner of the music industry, from accordion players to the largest musical instrument reseller in Canada. Then we moved an office to Zug, Switzerland in 2006. For the past fourteen years, we've specialized in photography, graphic design and video production - and recently we have built a small recording studio to satisfy our new passion for sound engineering.


Ron started as a designer in Toronto back in 1986, doing layouts for twelve-inch album covers and designing the packaging for the new compact disc formats that had just been released. The need for photography to enhance the design work prompted him to buy his first medium-format camera and he started producing images that soon built up a decent stock photography collection.

He owned and ran Epidemic Records, an indie music label back in 1989 and was sued by The Rolling Stones for sampling. Another decade later Ron started another label called Sweet Tooth Recordings which went on until a mid-life crisis pushed him towards selling everything he owned and traveling around the world for a year.

The extensive travel resulted in a new home and family in Switzerland and a new enthusiasm and base for a second version of Sumners Graphics - combining graphic design, commercial photography, video production as well as the obsession for contributing to the stock photo industry.

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